Lets Get Batty!

There are many reasons people seem to fear bats. The fear of having your blood sucked, or turning into a vampire, rabies, the list can go on forever. But are they really that dangerous? What exactly are they, a bird or mammal? Well, I’ll be answering these questions and more, get ready to get batty! … More Lets Get Batty!

Spider Savers!

If your anything like me, when you see a large spider in your home you will run, or scream. But for some residents in the U.K. when they see a large spider they will have to second guess what they do. A species of spider known as the raft spider (Dolomedes Plantaruis) is the largest … More Spider Savers!


Have you ever heard of a rat sniffing out landmines? The Gambian pouched rat can grow up to 15 pounds and is similar in appearance to the Norway rat. In Africa the Gambian pouched rat is used to detect landmines due to its flexible and very intelligent nature. It can move gracefully over landmines without … More Rats

Cute Little White Nose? No, A Deadly Disease.

White-nose syndrome has hit the American and Canadian bat population hard. This disease is caused by a fungus called pseudogymnoascus destructans ( it’s a mouth full ). Five of Michigan’s bat species can contract the disease, and the bats that hibernate underground are the ones at the highest risk. The Northern long eared bat is … More Cute Little White Nose? No, A Deadly Disease.

Are Butterflies As Innocent As They Seem?

When you think of a butterfly you think of something peaceful, full of grace, vibrant and beautiful in color, the only bug you actually like… right? Wrong, butterflies have had us fooled for years. Those vibrant colors are often a warning, whether its because they’re poisonous, cannibalistic, or another type of unexpected deadly trait. If … More Are Butterflies As Innocent As They Seem?