Update: Pygmy Rabbit Winter Survey Results

A few weeks ago we mentioned the winter survey of the endangered Columbia Basin pygmy rabbits.  The results are in and they are as promising as the scientists had hoped. The Sagebrush Flat Wildlife area survey covered over 2, 400 square miles of territory.  In that space approximately 110 active burrows were discovered.  Of those … More Update: Pygmy Rabbit Winter Survey Results

Python Hunting Update

It is just pass the half way mark of the challenge in Florida to eradicate the non-native and invasive species, Burmese python. The current tally is 37 harvested pythons. More than 1,000 people registered to take part in harvesting and  Florida’s own State Senator, Bill Nelson, enlisted to join the cause to protect Florida’s wildlife … More Python Hunting Update

Silence of the Swans

They have been subjects of poetry, paintings, folk tales, and sculptures.  They are symbols of elegance and grace.  Few other birds are looked at in the same way as the swan by humans throughout the centuries.  Yet these large, powerful birds are coming under increasing pressure caused by habitat loss and other human activities.  While … More Silence of the Swans