If you live in the Pacific Northwest on the western side of the Cascades then you’ve dealt with them.  Those industrious little critters that burrow through and under the lawn and push mountains up of dirt resembling Mount Rainier; The mole. There are two different moles in the Puget Sound region, the Townsend and the … More Moles

Bats and Farming

Bats have a reputation in Western society of being evil, demonic, and in some cases, blood suckers.  While it is true that there are carnivorous bats, including the iconic three vampire bat species, many bats are insectivores.  This makes them extremely beneficial to humans. All forty bat species in the United States are insectivores.  A … More Bats and Farming

Critter Control Tales: Adventures with Raccoons

Nuisance wildlife control can be challenging.  You’re never sure what you may find when you go out on a job.  With it being raccoon birthing season, we thought we’d share a few of our more amusing and aggravating tales of our run-ins with the masked bandit. Raccoon females love attics; they are safe, enclosed spaces … More Critter Control Tales: Adventures with Raccoons

Honey Bees in Danger

The sun is out in western Washington for longer than an hour at a time.  Flowers are blooming and insects are waking up from their winter dormancy.  The most welcoming herald of spring in the bee.  These important insects help pollinate many of the orchards, fields, and gardens that provide food for humans.   Honey bees … More Honey Bees in Danger