Cached Nuts

People often wonder if squirrels remember where they bury the nuts they collect throughout the season. Many animals bury a stash of food in hopes of retrieving it when they need to feed during harsh months. Sometimes, though, that does not happen and the nuts or seeds they have buried become seedlings; sprouting out of … More Cached Nuts

Tuskless in Africa

Researchers is Africa are eagerly attempting to collect data to better understand why a growing number of elephants in Africa are tuskless. Majority of the effort is concentrated to the Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique. During a fifteen year period (1977-1992), Mozambique was in the midst of a civil war. At least one million people … More Tuskless in Africa

Castor Canadensis

The North American Beaver. Mainly active during the night, these magnificently large, semiaquatic creatures are the largest living rodents in North America; second only to it’s European counterpart, the European Beaver. North American beavers weigh, on average, about 44 pounds, but much older individuals have been known to grow to be up to 88 or … More Castor Canadensis

The Life and Legacy of the Crocodile Hunter

(Courtesy of Steve Irwin, born February 22nd, 1962 was a pioneer in expanding people’s view about all sorts of misconstrued animals that garnered bad reputations. Steve showed us the beauty in dangerous animals. He made them approachable and not as the monsters they were made out to be. For what would have been his 56th … More The Life and Legacy of the Crocodile Hunter